How Can Humans and Technology Cooperate?

We’ve created Brand Humanizing to establish synergy between humans and AI & Automation

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What is Brand Humanizing?

It’s an innovative way of working that puts humans and technology in their respective strong suits to grow any type of business.

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Grow your brand holistically

  • Using human traits to the best of their ability to grow the brand and human interaction.

  • Using AI / Automation to the best of its ability to increase productivity and free up humans.

Activities we conduct

We are continuously researching the human and technology field to build synergy between both. We share our knowledge and collaborate with organizations globally.


We’re continously researching the human & technology field on Brand Humanizing

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We share our findings and knowledge through keynotes, podcasts and more

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with organizations

We collaborate with organization to help them to start Brand Humanizing

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A humane turn on business in a growing technological world

Humans aren’t robots and vice versa, that’s why we should look for synergy between humans and technology

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Empowering human traits

We’re always looking to work “human first”, both to support employee happiness as well as to grow customer loyalty in perpetuity


Optimizing processes & efficiency

In order to grow as a brand, we look for processes that can be optimized & automated to support working more human centered


We’ve been conducting our research since mid 2017. Check out our main thesis on Medium for details.

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The people behind
the institute

These are the people who are behind the Brand Humanizing Institute. We’d be more than happy to meet you.

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Latest Articles

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